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Thermal Imaging Software

FLIR Viewer Wi-Fi Connectivity to Mobile Devices

FLIR Viewer is an intuitive iPad®/iPhone®/iPod Touch® app for importing, analyzing, managing, and sharing thermal images that allows you to connect wirelessly to FLIR's new T620, T640, and E-Series cameras.

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MikroView™ is powerful, yet easy-to-use freeware for downloading images from any NEC infrared camera to a laptop or desktop PC.  MikroView provides the necessary tools and features to view the images recorded by the camera.  Additional features allow the user to open the image, read temperatures, change temperature settings and resave images to other formats.

MikroView™ 2.9 Software

  • Move, Copy and Delete images between camera and computer

  • Read Temperature Information from any NEC infrared image

  • Read File Names, Creation Dates, Camera Type from Infrared Images

  • Change Temperature Level and Span

  • Change Colour Palette

  • Save as Bitmap

  • Copy and Paste to other Windows Application


The MikroSpec™ thermal imaging software package offers a combination of functionality, ease of use and value that is unrivaled in the industry. With an array of powerful image analysis tools and an architecture that is easy to understand and operate, post processing of thermal data is quick and easy. A 30 day evaluation version of MikroSpec software can be downloaded using the link below.  This file is in a ZIP format and is 22MB so may take a while to download.  If you are using a dial up connection, please contact us and a CD copy will be forwarded onto you.

MikroSpec™ 4.0 Software

  • Advanced Thermal Image Analysis including image calibration, filtering, statistical analysis, and Regions of Interest

  • Functions for visual images, voice annotation and text comments

  • Export to MS applications e.g. Word™, Excel™ or PowerPoint™

  • Thermal image sequence reply with direct access video controls

  • Report Writer package for integration of data into a MS Word™ document

  • Full suite; Mikrospec 4.0™, Lens Calculator, Report Writer, Image Converter and Sequence Converter

  •  Windows™ 2000 SP3, XP SP2, Vista

Mikrospec Infrared Imaging Software

Download MikroSpec 4.0 Brochure

MikroSpec ™ R/T software is a high-speed, real-time data acquisition and image analysis software package. By using one or more NEC AVIO Infrared cameras connected to the software, processes can be measured accurately in applications including; Scientific, Electronic, Material Testing, Surveillance, Medical, Target Signature, Research and Development. The software allows you to view thermal images in real-time as well as those that have been captured and stored to the computer’s hard disk drive. By creating up to 32 Regions of Interest (ROIs) in one of ten shapes, you can retrieve temperature range details within the ROIs. Sophisticated tools allow you to create graphs of the real-time image temperature analysis, while the export to Excel ™ feature allows you to analyse the real-time image temperature data in a numerical context.

MikroSpec™ RT Software

  • Real-time Image Display and Analysis

  • Camera Remote Control Functionality

  • Upto 60 fps acquisition using Firewire or 1fps via Ethernet

  • 32 movable /resizable regions of interest with Minimum, Maximum, Average Temperatures and Alarm functions

  • Point, Line, Broken Line, Free Line, Circle, Annulus, Rectangle, Rotated Rectangle, Polygon, and Region. A custom formula ROI type is also available which allows temperatures to be computed using typical Excel ™ formulas

  • Convert Function for BMP and AVI format

  • Optional I/O Modules for Process Control/ Machine Vision

Mikrospec RT Thermal Imaging Software

Download MikroSpec RT Brochure

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