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NEC F30 Thermo Shot Infrared Thermal Imager

  F30W F30S
Infrared Detector Uncooled focal plane array (microbolometer)
Spectral Range
8 to 13m
Frame Time 8.5 frames/sec
Thermal Image Pixels 160 (H) x 120 (V) pixels
Field of View 28 (H) x 21 (V)
I.F.O.V. 3.1mrad
Focusing Range 10cm to infinity (Temp accuracy not assured at 50cm or closer)
Focus Manual (at 1.3m or over: Focus-free)
Measuring Range -20 to 350C -20 to 100C
Resolution 0.2C (0.1C with S/N improvment) 0.1C (at 30C)
Accuracy 2C of 2% whichever is greater
Monitor 2.7" LCD
Visible Light Camera Approx. 0.7M pixels
Point Values Centre, max/min, movable (1 point) ΔT
Emissivity Correction Provided
Background Compensation Provided
Isotherm Provided
Alarm Display alarm, colour alarm
Image Improvement Provided
Colour Palette 3 types available
Image Storage Format JPEG with data
Storage Medium SD card
Thumbnail Display 9 images
Interfaces USB 2.0 and Video Output
Batteries Rechargeable NiMH AA Batteries (3 pcs)
AC Power Available with optional AC Adapter
Sleep Mode Provided
Automatic Shutoff Provided
Operating Temperature -15 to 50C
Protection IP43
Dimensions Approx. 100 x 65 x 45mm
Weight Approx. 300g (inc 3 batteries)
Standard Accessories Battery Charger, 3 NiMH Rechargeable Batteries, 1GB SD Card, USB Cable, Hand Strap, Soft Case, Viewer Software, User Manual, Warranty Certificate

Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

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