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Thermal Imaging, Data Acquisition and Magnetic Media

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Metrum Information Storage Limited supplies a wide range of Infrared Thermal Imaging Cameras, Data Acquisition Systems and Recorders, Explosion Proof Products and Media products and services. With an extensive portfolio of Infrared Thermography Cameras, Thermal Imaging Cores, Pyroelectric Detectors, and Pyrometers from Companies including FLIR, OPTRIS, CorDEX and NEC-AVIO, Metrum can supply a Thermography camera, detector or complete system to suit your application and budget. Services including Thermography Training, rental, surveys, consultancy, repair and calibration, enable Metrum to offer a complete solution to your Infrared Thermography requirements.

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Extensive range of Thermal Imaging Cameras available for hire or purchase (ex-demonstration).

Products from FLIR turn night into day. Thermal Imaging cameras for Security and Surveillance applications from internal building surveillance, perimeter security to border control. The portfolio includes handheld cameras, vehicle mounted modules, fixed position systems and PTZ solutions for all types of usage.

Metrum can offer Data Acquisition and recording solutions with analysis software from stand alone or PC connected, analogue data loggers or chart recorders, to complex high performance digital AIT or HD systems. Hire, repair, training and calibration services are also provided. For those customers using Magnetic Media as a data recording medium or for PC backup, Metrum also supplies new Media, Degaussers or Cleaners.

Metrum supply UV cameras and SBUV filters for detection of corona discharge on high power electrical systems. The OFIL Daycor range offers handheld, rail, vehicle and airborne solutions. The Daycor UVollé is the smallest UV camera in the world. Accessories, software, training and support are also provided.

Metrum is a leading British provider of solutions and services for thermal imaging, data acquisition, recording and analysis, with a broad range of customers from application areas including, defence, industrial, education, utilities, security, equine, R&D and automotive.

ISO 9001:2008 quality and the Company’s commitment to after sales support ensure that your investments will perform to their maximum potential throughout their usable lifetime.
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